Friday, April 11, 2014

Dad and the girls go to Kibaale

Me, my Daddy and my younger sister Mazzy all went together for a night in Kibaale this week for a special soccer game! My Dad's soccer game started an hour after we got there so me and Mazzy played for a while together, once the game started I already had my favourite baby Patience in my arms. After more than half of the game Patience was hungry so I passed her to her mother. For the rest of the soccer game I was sitting with my nieghbors holding their brand new baby, Jonathan. When the game ended I ran to my dad and congratulated him on his win. We ate dinner which was only bread with melted butter, chips and the usual snacky type food. I watched a show with Mazzy then went to bed. The next day I started school but Mazzy's teacher did not come so I had to help Mazzy a lot. At lunch time we left to go back to Masaka and I fell asleep in the car so it was short for me and in Masaka I had a sweet greeting of my puppy Tipper!

Baby Patience

Baby Jonathan

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