Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ooh la la!! My trip to Paris!

On my amazing trip to Paris I did so many things. My very favourite thing was the Eiffel Tower, I saw it all lit up at night time and on another day we climbed to the 2nd floor!! From up there I could see almost all of Paris and how much we had walked. It was really an amazing view. During my trip to Paris I also saw the louvre museum. I did not go inside but just seeing it was so cool. We also saw a gorgeous old church, Notre Dame, crazy cool. We got to go inside another old church, Sacre Couer, it was soooo pretty and there was a church service going on while we walked through. It was up on a hill and the view was also amazing, especially from the tower we climbed up. We crossed a lot of great bridges that were beautiful, the lock bridge was my absolute favourite and our family put a lock on there. Another favourite day was at Disneyland Paris, it was really fun but I did close my eyes on a lot of the roller coasters. I love that there were a lot of different rides from California Adventure. When I am older I will definitely be bringing my kids to Paris!!!!

Our apartment where we stayed.

Exploring on our first night, Paris at night is beautiful.

At the Louvre Museum

The pyramid was really cool and reminded me of being in Egypt!

It's scarier than it looks to be on this glass floor so high up at the Eiffel Tower!!!

Eiffel tower with my sister and brothers!

Eiffel Tower light show!!!

Crepes!! with Nutella:)

I had really yummy Jewish food with my aunt and uncle who live in France.

Gorgeous Notre Dame

Daddy in front of Sacre Couer.

Really cool museum, Pompidou.

Arc de Triomphe which leads to Champs Elysees where there were a lot of really cool stores. 

Our lock on the lock bridge!!!

My favourite bridge

Macaroons from Laduree, super yummy!

Riding on an ostrich in a beautiful park.

Awesome disneyland Paris, Mazzy is loving it!

I think this is the prettiest Disneyland castle!

Creme brûlée, soooo good!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014


Today I was able to mud a new house for a student in Kibaale with my classmates from Masaka including my best friend Rosa. It was so fun to be able to show everyone from Masaka our house and the school in Kibaale. It is my favourite place to be so I was so happy they could visit there. I was also really excited because mud huts are one of my very favourite things to do in Uganda!! It was such a fun day and I'm so thankful that one of the students in Kibaale gets a brand new house.

This is the house that the student is living in right now, it is totally falling apart and they really needed a new home.

Mixing the mud

Finn and Elias with one of our teachers Salma.

We had a lot of people come out to help us, thanks everyone it was a really fun day!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Our good friend is visiting us in Uganda for 2 weeks so we went to visit Nurture Babies Home with her and to donate a big bag of babies clothes that she brought! I love holding and cuddling with the little babies.

Baby Joy.

Mazzy holding baby Joy.

Mom and Auntie Deb in the babies room.

A preemie twin.

I wanted to hold them all!!!