Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Birthday Weekend in JINJA!!

It was so fun going with my family and our visitors Gabriella and Shea to Jinja for the weekend over my birthday!

Out for dinner to 2 Friends for pizza.

My family on the Nile River

Holding reptiles!!!

Cutest tortoises. 

Very scary forest cobra. I have seen one of these in my yard in Kibaale!!

I really want a donkey, they are so cool.

Loved getting to sit on the donkeys.

Joel decided to go bungee jumping into the Nile River, this is right before he climbed up to jump.

So cool to watch, I'm hoping to do this when I am 14 years old too.

We have a friend from home that is at Ekisa, I always love visiting there.

Swimming in the hot afternoon.

Boda Boda to dinner!!!

Dinner out on the lake.

I loved going away this weekend with Shea and Gabriella.